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We have just spent an enjoyable and inspiring half hour with your wonderful photos. Ann says some of the pics (in the Dorset area) have brought back a lot of very special memories. Thank you!
Ann Kenny & Patricia Gracey

Your images

You have a beautiful portfolio Seymour. Your effective composition blends perfectly with your subtle colouring and delicate light. Really beautiful work.
Caroline Harris


Your site was recommended to me and as an aspiring landscape and sky photographer I can say that your work is truly inspirational. Some terrific images here. Many congratulations!
Shaun Geraghty

Your Website

Hello Seymour. I found your site whilst looking through some of the Clikpic selection - what wonderful, wonderful images - both breathtaking and inspiring - as an ocean lover I particularly admire your beach and coastal images. Why hasn't there been a book?! Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Jonathan
Jonathan Chritchley

Now you've hit the Bigtime

Seymour I love your site. I can't believe you haven't told me about it! I will send your link to all of my club members and students. Your talent is just wonderful. -Durr
Durr Wise

good work

Really nice site,Great talent,
you have very beautiful photos
I was very impressed by your work.
mohamed belhaj

What a find!

I saw a small selection of your work on another site and searched for more.
The photos of the land and sea make my heart swell; I can practically smell the fresh air!
Carol Clifford

excellent work

These are truly inspiring photographs, Seymour. I particularly like the way you capture the mood of the skys on the south coast of England.
best wishes
Matt Greep


Really nice site. a good way. Lovely scottish scapes....Maybe I should head north for a holiday...mmm?

Great talent !

I didn't know that you have such a talent. I think that I have to come to london this summer to see your photos for real.
Feldman David


Would just like to say congratulations on your website - I was very impressed by your work. Keep up the good work!
Yasmin Kelly

Greetings from Devon

I'm pleased to see your ravishing images displayed in the setting they deserve.
I smiled to see the cliffs at West Bay: I was there on Saturday visiting my Mum.
Lois Wakeman

It's a love-hate thing...

Hate you for feeding my lust for travel to visit your wonderful countryside, thank you for letting me live vicariously through your photography.
A lovely site that gives a certainly insufficient glimpse of the real print; must remedy that.


I have been coming for my vacations in Scotland from London, starting with Sheigra and then drifting slowly South, for the last 20 years. Thank you, Seymour, for Sandwood Beach and other scenery which I see with my eyes' soul.
Mariusz Kuklinski